That's Panaro

"Love is like good cooking, special things always come from simple ingredients, made magical by imagination..."

Our raw materials are carefully selected, thanks to the link with the territory (Cilento, Sorrento, and Campania) and thanks to a direct relationship with the producers we consider part of our project. From the meticulous search for quality products, we have prepared a menu to make the most of the raw materials in every combination.

The format is a perfect equation with the Campania tradition that blends with innovation, fast but gourmet: Thats Panaro like a Happy Meal Mediterraneo, the typical wicker basket that is filled with Southern dishes and flavors. The menu is creative and original, studied in detail, with refined, unusual but recognizable combinations, to make the most of the raw materials and their peculiarities.

Our approach and our environmentstransmit the warmth, the conviviality of our culture.The store in Sorrento is the first step of a journey, step by step, which leads to the discovery of the authentic Cilento and the Campania gastronomic heritage, beyond the natural borders. 

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