That's Panaro menù

Choose the one that tickles your fancy, compose your Panaro... and we'll take care of the rest!

Feel like eating something good? Rely on That's Panaro to embrace the Neapolitan tradition in a mix of flavours.
Choose from our delicacies, sandwiches, focaccias, salads, or a sweet "cuddle", fill your Panaro and wait for us in the comfort of your own home.


Our appetizers are a reinterpretation of the typical "Cuoppo Napoletano", a 100% Campania must.

0.1 Sfizi

Bruschetta pomodori di Sorrento (PAT), salsa al basilico (Vegano)

0.1s Sfizi

Bruschetta Special alici di Menaica (Presidio slow food), friggitelli, papacella alla brace del Vesuvio (Presidio slow food), zeste di limone

S0.2 Sfizi

Mozzarella nella mortella (presidio Slow Food) in carrozza fritta (Vegetariano)

S0.3 Sfizi

Marinated chicken with cereal breadcrumbs and curry mayonnaise

S0.4 Sfizi

Traditional meatballs, raisins, pine nuts, cheese


From a bread "crunch" made strictly with sourdough, an explosion of flavours and emotions spreads!

1.0 Panino

Mozzarella cheese, Sorrento tomatoes, basil sauce

1.1 Panino

Parma ham, white fig jam, buffalo stracchino cheese

1.2 Panino

Special salami, goat cheese, eggplants, extra virgin olive oil

S1.3 Panino

Smoked tuna ham, balsamic vinegar XO, special olives, mozzarella cheese, rocket

S1.4 Panino

Slow-cooked octopus, sweet garlic mayonnaise, tomatoes, basil sauce, cheese, lettuce, lemon zest

S1.5 Panino

Slow-cooked chicken, anchovies mayonnaise, iceberg salad, Parmesan