To uncover this, I like to ask questions that get at the core of who they are, how they think about things specifically, and how they’ve gotten things done in the real world. If you see a potential avenue for improvement, one gentle way to present that feedback might be in the form of a question. Think about the skills you’ll want to highlight throughout this interview, and talk about your past experiences as they relate to those skills. It’s okay if you didn’t use those skills in a direct marketing capacity.

This question requires the candidate to have a clear understanding of their audience, available channels, and competitors. All of these components are essential to building successful marketing campaigns. Beyond being able to articulate the best channels, listen for an indication that the candidate is willing to experiment. Proactively identifying and testing different marketing strategies is an important skill for managers to have.

Social Media Marketing interview questions

The knowledge of specific tools often gets mentioned in the job description. For example, we require a good understanding of our SEO platform for all marketing positions. Hard skills are role-specific, so they could be anything from conducting great market research to writing great content that ranks in search engines. Soft skills are desirable regardless of the role, like critical thinking, communication, or leadership. SEO is a vital skill for marketing teams looking to increase traffic (visitors) to a website, and a marketing manager must understand the key SEO processes to assist in optimization. Similar to question #8, there’s no right answer here, but there are answers you should listen for.

marketing manager interview questions

Before the interview starts, carefully choose the questions you want to use based on the person’s role and background. For an inbound marketing generalist, you could ask any or all of these questions. For someone with a more specific role on a larger inbound marketing team, like a blogger, you could focus only on the questions about blogging and content creation. Besides answering questions about your background, you will also need to demonstrate your marketing expertise and how you will apply your skills to the role. Be prepared to discuss common marketing topics such as setting strategy, gathering ideas and requests, planning programs and campaigns, and building marketing roadmaps. Most interviewers will start by asking a series of high-level questions.

Questions to ask in a marketing interview

Using the questions in this article in your interviews is one method for making sure candidates are properly vetted. Using an interview intelligence platform like BrightHire is another proven way to encourage efficient, equitable hiring as your company scales. Listen for familiarity with the different channels that comprise digital marketing. The candidate should also demonstrate an understanding of customer pain points and how your brand is able to address those pain points in the digital space. Ideally, they will show a basic understanding of branding, and maybe even offer some examples of brands that are successful in maintaining a strong online presence.

The interviewer wants to know how you stay up-to-date in the marketing field. Motivation enhances the performance of a team and improves productivity. Here, the interviewer seeks to understand your familiarity with the product life cycle. Do your research and gain a very clear understanding of the job in order to make your answer pertinent and relevant to this job opportunity.

How would you rate your problem-solving skills as a marketing manager?

So, do your research, get an idea of the salary range for the position you’re applying for, and this uncomfortable question can easily lead to a win-win situation. After you have a good grasp of the compensation landscape, I’d urge you to at least get an idea about the salary range before you invest too much time and energy into the hiring process. The worst-case scenario for both parties is when you find out too late that there isn’t a possible compromise between the candidate’s expectations and the budget for the role.

marketing manager interview questions

At the same time, interviewers need to be familiar with the job description they’re filling so they can ask candidates relevant questions. Check the answers to five of these behavioral interview questions for marketing managers to assess your candidates’ responses and knowledge. Interviewing for managerial roles requires more than a great resume and cover letter.

What social media channels have you managed in the past?

Dale Carnegie and Robert Cialdini are other examples of popular non-marketer authors who can teach you a lot about marketing. If you’ve already got a few years of experience on your career record, be prepared to share your proudest achievements. Being a massive fan of the company and its products was one of my biggest motivations to join Ahrefs back in 2019. Learn how CapitalT reduced hiring bias with online skills assessments. If you follow these steps, you’ll easily find the right talent for your team. The perfect moment to interview applicants is after you’ve tested their skills with the help of skills tests.

Knowing what to ask and the responses to expect from the right candidate simplifies the interviewing process. This is because you just need to familiarize yourself with these top 20 marketing manager interview questions and answers. In doing so, you will be able to assess the knowledge, skills, and experience of candidates and identify the person who matches your needs.

Most candidates know to follow up with each of their interviewers in the form of a thank-you note or email. But part of my assessment is the depth at which candidates follow up with me. Here are some questions that might help you determine whether the company you’re interviewing with is the right fit for you. Don’t feel like you have to save all your questions for the end of your interview. If the topics you were curious about come up throughout the interview, weave them in. This can help make the interaction feel more like a conversation with two active participants, and will allow you to demonstrate your engagement over your entire time together.

marketing manager interview questions

Some data collection methods are very time-consuming, like running focus groups. Don’t exaggerate your experience with anything, but mention your level of familiarity. For example, be honest in your response if you have data visualization experience from college but haven’t done it for a few years. Additionally, if you prefer Excel or another analytics program more than others, explain why you prefer it.

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